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Your content isn't generating revenue

Increased traffic rarely results in increased revenue. I'll develop a purchase-intent SEO strategy that drives new revenue for your business.

You want to stop relying on search ads

High-ranking organic search results get far more clicks than paid results, cost much less, and continue performing long after you stop investing in SEO.

You have lots of old, outdated content

Make your old content continue to work for you. I'll help you update your old blog posts so they climb up the search rankings and bring in revenue again.

You never optimized your content for search

If you went all-in on brand content, I can help you repurpose your content so you can enjoy the benefits of a powerful new distribution channel.

"I learned a while ago that when it comes to SEO as it relates to content, listen to Jessica Greene. Jessica is probably the most thoughtful person I've worked with when it comes to SEO. She gets the nuance. She knows what to ignore and what's important."

John Bonini

Is your SEO strategy stuck in 2015?

Traditional SEO

Optimize for traffic

Focus on using content to increase your website's page views.

Publish and forget

Continually publish new content to maintain and grow traffic levels.

Think of content in a silo

Approach content as an independent, siloed channel and department.

Organic & Greene

Optimize for revenue

Focus on using content to get your product in front of in-market buyers.

Find your missed opportunities

Get more out of the investments you've already made in content.

Build a holistic content strategy

Connect your content strategy to all of your customer acquisition channels.

"Jessica is an incredibly skilled SEO marketer. She's able to break down SEO in a straightforward and approachable way. She was the first person I reached out to for marketing advice when I started my own company, and I highly recommend working with her!"

Becca Van Nederyen

My results


Of all demo requests at TestBox in 2023

came from a single purchase-intent targeted blog post


Increase in first-touch trials from content

after implementing a purchase-intent SEO strategy at Help Scout


Of target keywords ranking in position 1-3

while at TestBox, achieved with minimal backlink building

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